Twitter obsessed with Sajaly Aly and Wahaj Ali’s latest photoshoot

The faces for Cross Stitch's Luxury Eid Collection have fans drooling over their chemistry

KARACHI: Perhaps one of the highlights of 2020 was Twitter reacting to Sheheryar Munawar and Syra Yousuf’s photoshoot. The platform seems to have chosen another on-screen couple to obsess over in 2021. While Sajal Aly is already an audience’s favourite and Wahaj Ali has been impressing fans with his recent projects, the actors’ latest photoshoot has caught Twitter’s attention. The campaign is a part of Cross Stitch’s Luxury Collection for Eid.


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Ever since the campaign went live, fans of Sajal Aly and Wahaj Ali have been gushing over their chemistry in the photoshoot. Given Wahaj Ali’s ability to be the perfect romantic hero paired with Sajal Aly’s charm, this barely comes off as a surprise.

The eyes, specially, seem to have done most of the magic.

Safe to say, fans now want to see the two actors together on the small screen.

Wahaj Ali, on the other hand, has a separate fan base altogether. Donned in a blue kurta pajama, the new face for Cross Stitch’s men’s collection turned out to be the perfect ambassador and model.

Wahaj Ali may have been a dark horse in the industry for a while but the actor has surely been picking up pace and impressing audience’s with his acting. From the looks of it, he could very well make a career out of modeling as well. Sajal Aly, meanwhile, continues to deliver her best and stay relevant, given the latest photoshoot and the newly released Dhoop Ki Deewar.

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