Teasers for Laapata are finally out

Starring an incredible cast including Gohar Rasheed, Ali Rehman Khan, Sarah Khan and Ayeza Khan, the upcoming drama is all set to air on Hum TV soon

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Earlier this year, the super talented Gohar Rasheed announced that he was set to star in upcoming drama serial Laapata. He also revealed that he will be starring alongside an ensemble cast including Sarah Khan, Ali Rehman Khan and Ayeza Khan. Since then fans have been eagerly waiting to see what the new project will entail. The wait is finally over as Hum TV dropped two teasers for Laapata that is expected to air on the channel soon.

The first teaser introduces us to characters played by Sarah Khan and Ali Rehman Khan who are madly in love and the guy is eager to get married. The new onscreen couple looks great together and there seems to be sizzling chemistry between the two. We do not know yet how they are related to other characters in the narrative.

The second teaser features Ayeza Khan, in more or less a similar character like the one she did in Chupke Chupke that went on to become a huge hit. With Asma Abbas playing her mother in this one too, we can’t help but recall the Ramazan special series. To top it off, Ayeza’s character in Laapata is also obsessed with the idea of marriage. She doesn’t want to study. Going by what Ayeza Khan mentioned during an Insta live, the actress shared that she is playing “an amazing character and I think you have not seen me in that kind of character ever before.” We hope there is more to her character than the Chupke Chupke vibes we have gauged so far through the teaser.

Speaking of Gohar Rasheed, none of the two teasers feature the actor who usually has something unique to add to stories he is a part of. Let’s wait and see what he has in store for fans this time around.


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One major attraction for us in drama serial Laapata is the superb cast that we are eager to watch onscreen together. We aren’t sure though if the narrative is as strong. Touted as an “incomplete love story,” it is written and directed by Khizer Idress while it has been produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions.

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