Deikho releases trailer for web series, Double Hai

The web series is set to release on June 16

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Digital content platform Deikho recently released the trailer for its upcoming web series, titled Double Hai. The coming of age web series will explore the journey of a young man as he struggles to keep a balance between what he wants and what his family can afford.

The trailer for Double Hai does a brilliant job at piping our interest. It tells us what the story is about without giving too much away. Just like any teenager, Muntazir played by Fazal Hussain, expects a grand present from his parents to mark the completion of his matric exams. For Muntazir, that present is having his own sawaari (vehicle). But for his middle-class family, that’s not something they can afford. Instead, they tell him that he needs to work with his father on his bus.


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Hence, in teenage angst, Muntazir locks doors, rips posters, and questions his family if he is even their own blood. Double Hai looks extremely relatable in the simplest of ways. We’ve all been in our lead character’s position. We’ve all believed that we needed and deserved something which we couldn’t get and we’ve all acted like it was the end of the world for us. But from what we’ve gathered from the trailer, where there is teenage angst there is also love and laughter. Muntazir won’t be your run of the mill spoilt, angry teenager. The trailer also reflects on his loving relationship with his parents and the series looks like a lighthearted comedy.

We’re excited to watch the web series that is expected to release (all episodes) on Deikho on June 16. The cast includes Farah Nadir and Syed Meesam Naqvi as Muntazir’s parents. Let’s wait and see if Muntazir ultimately gets his present or not.

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