Abu Dhabi objects presence of Indian Broadcasters at PSL

PSL 2021 sees further delay as Abu Dhabi's health ministry objects to having Indian broadcasters to cover the event

KARACHI: PSL 2021 stands stagnant yet again as Abu Dhabi’s health ministry shows concerns over breach of bio-secure bubble. The cricketing event is to take place in Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi. According to a report by Dawn, PCB had been determined to start the matches by June 7th. The board had also put in a special request to Abu Dhabi for special permission for South African and Indian broadcasters to come to Abu Dhabi and cover PSL 2021. Both these countries had been on UAE’s red list after a rise in their Covid cases.

However, the problem has risen owing to the fact that Abu Dhabi’s health ministry raised their concern only now, after many of these broadcasters are already in the city and quarantining before the cricketing event starts. According to reports, should the UAE government allow the broadcasters to stay in Abu Dhabi, the matches will commence from June 7th. However, any change in plans might be a tough situation for PCB to counter.


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All of these broadcasters landed in Ras-Al’Khaimah and have now reached Abu Dhabi.

PSL 2021, sponsored by HBL was halted before its conclusion after coronavirus cases saw a steep rise shortly after the event, within audiences as well as players and support staff members. Another new development to take place for PSL 2021 is that PCB has met with the owners and informed them of the expected new schedule for the matches. On the other hand, it has also come to light that PCB had delayed the departure of Pakistan’s team to England from June 23rd to June 25th. This could be because PSL’s final match will fall on the 24th instead of June 20th.

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