Bilal Khan’s latest song ‘Marjawan’ is out

The Canada based singer uses his latest song to narrate his struggle through the pandemic

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI: The pandemic has not been easy for most of us, but lucky are the ones who still got to make something valuable out of it. One such person is Bilal Khan who narrates a journey of his self-discovery during covid times through his new song.

While the video comprises scenic locations from Canada, Montreal, where the singer resides, the entire focus of the track lies within the subtitles. In this song, Bilal Khan talks about the passage of time, being away from loved ones in isolation, missing out on important events due to travel restrictions, and not getting to witness a little loved one grow for the past two years, among many others.

The music stays simple, yet melodious and soothing. The effect of Khan’s soft vocals becomes more calming, as they are coupled with the places the video showcases. The videography may as well be simple but definitely does well to incorporate the narrative the subtitles are unfolding. The compilation of footage shows growth and the progression of time while documenting Khan’s journey starting from isolation till starting his business and getting vaccinated.

Through his subtitles, Khan also updates people on the fact that his quirky purple hair is now gone, and he is still eating ‘boring chicken and fish”. Like many of his fans in Pakistan, the ‘Bachana’ singer too, invested in cryptocurrency. The currencies he holds, however, have had their market crashed. The highlight of his time elapsing within his music video is perhaps the business that he started during the pandemic – BK Wears.


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He talks about finding a world within, as saints and philosophers have suggested, and how the lockdown has helped him ponder, but adds, “I am still far from enlightened, though,” but he does state that being alone has helped him examine things deeply.

Although most people might find this approach radical and experimental, art should always truly be about experimenting and expressing. As coronavirus restrictions can make shooting and filming risky, it is both smart and safe to go with pre-existing footage. There are no rules as to how one expresses through art. It just has to make the person experiencing it feel something. By that definition, both, the music as well as the video coupled with subtitles join together to curate a work of art.


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