Rabi Pirzada could face up to two years in jail for ‘owning’ exotic animals

The Kashmiri singer poses with reptiles and says that she intends to send them to Modi to 'feast' on him

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Kashmiri singer Rabi Pirzada who is known for her song Dahdi Kuri has gotten herself into legal trouble after posting a video on her YouTube channel. Titled “Choti Si Baat | Kashmir”, it shows her holding a variety of reptiles and remarking on the current situation in Indian occupied Kashmir and her take on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The 50 second clip has not played out in her favour as The Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department has submitted a challan in court against her for it.

The singer has actively expressed her discontentment towards Modi on her Twitter as well.

According to The News, DG Wildlife Protection Sohail Ashraf stated that owning and keeping exotic animals as pets is a violation of law, specifically the Wildlife Act which suggests that a license cannot be issued for keeping such animals as pets and is therefore illegal. He has also stated that the perpetrator of this act could face a possible two-year jail sentence.


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