Musician Bilal Khan has a new hairstyle and a new resolution that everyone should try

FYI, we approve

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Musician Bilal Khan shared his new platinum blonde look on instagram, which we are absolutely dying for, FYI. But he also shared an inspiring and important message along with his post.

In the post, he writes: “I was replying to comments on my last insta post and some people said, ‘you are so brave’ or ‘I could never do that even though I always wanted to’ and it made me think why ? I think it’s the “log kia kahien ge?” fear”.

He goes on to say that worrying about what people will say is a genuine fear many have “especially in a culture where we are so dependent on each other for support and feedback.”

The singer shares that you can overcome this fear by accepting that not everyone is going to like what you do. “This isn’t just about hair dyes or colour changes: I feel you shouldn’t make career/university/diet/clothing or any other personal choices out of fear. I know if I did I wouldn’t be a musician today.”

He concludes by proposing a New Year’s resolution. “I propose that for 2019, you shatter “log kia kahien ge” fear and make the new year more about “log kehtey rahein gey”. Maybe that’ll do it. Maybe.”

We couldn’t be more supportive! (Of his hair and motto!)


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