5 things to remember before marching for Palestine

It's important to remember why you're marching.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: If you’re planning to go to the solidarity with Palestine March in Karachi this Saturday, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you go. To start off with, you need to know exactly what you’re protesting about. The Palestine issue has been going on for decades now, but because this is the age of social media, more attention has been drawn to a more clearer picture about what is actually happening. Beyond that, there are a few misconceptions that you need to clear off before joining in the protests. Here are a few of those misconceptions that we thought we could help clear up.


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This isn’t a religious issue

Contrary to popular belief, the aggression against the Palestinians has very little to do with religion. Jerusalem is a religious site that is important for Muslims, Jews and Christians alike. For Muslims, the third holiest site in Islam, Masjid Al Aqsa is located there and for Christians it is where Jesus lived, preached and was put up on the cross. So when Israel decides to punish the Palestinians by limiting their access to Jerusalem, they aren’t just punishing the Muslims but the Christians there as well.

The march isn’t against Jews, it’s against Zionism

While on the topic of religion, there is an inherent need to understand that the aggressors of Israel are not Jews. They are Zionists. Zionists are an extremist groups of people whose main agenda is pushing forward an independent Jewish state at whatever cost including that of innocent Palestinian lives.  But not all Jews are Zionists. In fact, around the world, many Jews have shown their support towards the Palestinians, against Israel.

This is a very important factor to take into consideration especially when it comes to making posters. Spewing hate  against the Jews will not do any good to the cause, since they aren’t the real enemies. Make sure you avoid anti-semantic slogans and chants.

The march in no way should encourage violence

While we get that everyone is angry at the excessive force and aggression that is being used against the Palestinians, that is exactly what we’re protesting against. Posters or chants that encourage and incite violence against Jews is counter-productive because then there will be no difference between us and them. Israel is attacking unarmed, peaceful protestors and it is this very violence that we are protesting.


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Rape jokes and other insensitive posters aren’t in the spirit of the march

No matter how angry you are about what is happening in Palestine, that  is no justification to make rape jokes or other insensitive jokes of the sort. Rape jokes will never be justified and are against the spirit of the march.


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Corona is still a threat. Wear a mask.

Remember the country is still currently going through the third wave of the pandemic and while everyone is gathering in large numbers for a good cause, you need to be careful about your health and the health of those around you. Make sure you carry your mask and wear it at all time.

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