Shafqat Mahmood announces exams be postponed until June 15

"Addressing health concerns of students and parents, all exams canceled till June 15 and depending on the spread of the disease may even go further," the MNA tweeted.

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Member of the National Assembly and Federal Minister of Education, Shafqat Mahmood has decided that the exams must be postponed. Owing to the rise in cases of Covid-19, and the terrifying Oxygen deficit in the neighboring country, Mahmood has finally taken into account the numerous tweets from students and public figures like Jibran Nasir, that had been urging the MNA to take a step towards a safer future for Pakistan’s students.

“Addressing health concerns of students and parents All exams canceled till June 15 and depending on the spread of the disease may even go further. Cambridge exams postponed till Oct/Nov for all grades. Only exception for those in A2 who have a compulsion to take the exam now,” he said.

“University admissions in Pakistan will be aligned for class 12 and A2 who will be taking exams in Oct/Nov. This is to ensure no one loses a year. For A2 who have some compulsion to take exams now, every attempt will be made to provide safe venues. Not more than 50 students,” he added.

Shafqat Mahmood has also been tweeting in response to the many queries students might have related to exams.

However, one area where the students are still not on the same page as the minister is extending this year’s exams to October/November session. For many, the extension comes in hopes that Pakistan will rid itself of the pandemic by October, which seems highly unlikely for a developing country still undergoing vaccination for just 45+-year-olds. Many students have urged Shafqat Mahmood to opt for TAGs (Teacher’s Assessed Grades) like last year. The evidence-based assessment allows schoolteachers to send in their students’ work, exams assessments, and any material that allows them to prove the grade the teacher assigns the student. This might save a lot of time, as well as ensure safety of the students in case the pandemic does not subside by October 2021.

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