HSY turns mentor for upcoming designers

The designer gave some very sound guidelines to whoever amongst his followers wishes to pursue a career in fashion design

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI: HSY is known to be one of the most successful designers in Pakistan. Having recently made his acting debut with Pehli Si Muhabbat, HSY has not left behind his work as a fashion designer, working tirelessly to launch newer, more impressive collections all the time.

Recently, the designer shared BTS stories on his Instagram of a shoot showcasing his upcoming collection. The male model is Bilal Ashraf, but we have yet to see who the female model is. Amidst those very BTS stories, HSY also took the opportunity to give some very helpful tips to any and every upcoming designer who might be following him.

Be authentic

With a number of replicas flooding the market, plagiarising has become a new norm. Even designers with the biggest names today are keen on taking designs from brands like Sabyasachi, Torani, etc., and incorporating them into their collections. Due to this, they hardly stand out and people are quick to point out who they think the design has been copied from. HSY explains why it is important to be true to your craft and honest with your work. “Starting your own brand is like really showing your personality. What is the most important thing in a personality? To be authentic. So whatever you design, don’t copy, don’t look at other people. Design what feels right to you. Be authentic,” he says.

Keep up with trends

Knowing what your target audience requires is an underrated skill. Even more, underrate a talent is to clearly lay out what your target audience is. For this, you need to stay super updated regarding what your target audience is up to and what their interests are. “Keeping up with trends is super important. As a designer, you must have a finger on the pulse of what everyone wants, and that does not mean just my generation. Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers – every single person is an important client. That’s what you need to do,” states HSY.

Apprenticeship is key

We all start small and humble, only to climb up the ladder of success as we acquire more experience and networking. Fashion designing is no different. HSY explains how as an amateur designer one still must work with an established designer to polish their skills. Following this advice will not only help you acquire a wider range of skillset but also build your portfolio and build stronger connections. Fashion design is not simply designing, but also about managing, consumer analysis, creatives, branding, and ensuring your business remains afloat in the market.

HSY says, “If you have just graduated, my advice to you would be to work with another designer before you start your own brand. I am sure you are talented, have a great aesthetic sense, you think you are amazing, and I’m sure you are! But work with another designer. Figure out how things actually work before your step out in the world.”

Take inspiration

While ‘inspiration’ has conveniently been made to translate into ‘copying’ in a number of cases, HSY reveals how inspiration can come from the most immaterial sources around you. You can look for them in your relationships with other people too, like him. “Creating a design I always get inspired by my mum and sister, and every mum, sister, and wife out there. Because when you’re creating clothes you have to make sure will the mum, sister, daughter be able to wear this in her family and be okay? And that is key in design.

It is important for seniors to hold a position that is more of a learning avenue for the upcoming generation. Learning and humility go hand in hand and HSY does it perfectly with his calm, friendly demeanor as he breaks down every little point to explain to young and aspiring designers how to go about their craft.

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