Faisal Javed promises a bill to ensure royalties for artists

Currently, Pakistani artists are not given any royalties or residuals every time a project is re-run

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Pakistani artists have time and again spoken about the issue of royalty payments. While many dramas are aired more than once, the artists featured in the projects are not compensated accordingly. Only recently, actor Nayla Jaffri asked for royalty payments to fund her cancer treatment. In a country where artists in general tend to be underpaid, Senator PTI Faisal Javed took to Twitter to address the same issue.

“Most countries around the world give royalties/residuals to artists every time a show, their work is re-run, a 2nd time or more. However, sadly in Pakistan where many artists are already underpaid, there is no policy or law ensuring that artists be given financial credit for their work,” Faisal Javed tweeted.

Recognizing the need for a formal framework to be in place to address the issue, Faisal Javed also promised his followers on Twitter that a bill is being prepared to address the problem. “Therefore, it is very critical to fill the gaps & bring proper framework via amendments in legislation to ensure that our producers, artists get their rights to royalties. Am in touch with all stakeholders & iA a comprehensive bill is being brought soon to address this very important issue,” he wrote.

Only a couple of days ago, Faisal Javed announced a Turkish dubbing of a Pakistan production. “Another great news coming soon as a Pakistani production will be dubbed in Turkish and aired in Turkey as part of bilateral exchange of knowledge, ideas, talent & content between Pakistani & Turkish entertainment industries,” read his tweet. The news followed his tweet regarding the telecast of new episodes of Ertugral on PTV Home. However, the details of the project being dubbed in Turkish are yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, the news regarding royalties for local artists is definitely a much awaited one and if materialized as promised, will be a step forward for the country as a whole.

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