Fawad Alam announces acting debut

The cricketer has turned actor for an upcoming Urduflix web series, Khudkash Muhabbat

KARACHI: In a rather unexpected turn of events, cricketer Fawad Alam has turned actor for a web series. The series is expected to be released soon on OTT platform, UrduFlix. Announcing his acting debut on Twitter, Fawad Alam wrote, “Conspicuously delighted to announce my debut as an actor in the upcoming UrduFlix web series “Khudkash Muhabbat”. I hope you guys like me in the acting ground as much as you did in the cricket ground! Your prayers, love and support matter the most.”

The cricketer-turned-actor also shared the trailer for Khudkash Muhabbat in his tweet.

Directed by Rao Ayaz Shehzad and executively produced by Farhan Gauher, the series follows a touching story of love and loss and the complexity of going after what you want in a world filled with people who won’t let you find your happiness and peace. The trailer hints at actor Fawad Alam playing the role of the lead character who is in love. However, his beloved seems to be married off to another man. Khudkash Muhabbat also seems to touch upon religion as certain scenes hint towards the setting of a mosque or a madrassah. However, more than the storyline, it is definitely Fawad Alam’s performance on screen that many look forward to.

UrduFlix, recently launched as Pakistan’s first-ever Urdu OTT platform has upped the game and expectations with brilliant new content, and has kept the surprises coming. The platform has garnered mixed feedback from the audiences after web series Dulhan Aur 1 Raat starring Alizeh Shah and Mishal Khan-starrer Lifafa Dayan launched. The platform is officially live for download for viewers on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Roku TV.

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