“A woman’s body belongs to her,” says Nadia Jamil, loud and clear

The actress took to her Twitter to explain bodily autonomy as a woman's basic right

KARACHI: Nadia Jamil is many things, a cancer survivor, an excellent actress who specializes in her craft, an advocate against fairness creams, and a vocal opponent of child sexual abuse documenting her own personal incidents. Recently she vocalized her opinion about another deeply problematic subject: Toxic masculinity. Nadia Jamil took to her Twitter to explain how dangerous the supposed idea of masculinity can be.

In her tweet, she wrote, “Toxic unsafe dangerous masculinity is self-entitled, rapes, ogles, disrespects, has a sense of ownership over women, sees women as sexual objects, is violent, abusive. There is also a deeply nurturing, poetic, beautiful masculinity that nurtures, strengthens, progresses & empowers. Choose.”

Through her explanation, one can understand easily that toxic masculinity has a superiority complex about itself. It wants to own and feel superior, and it wants the more vulnerable to kneel before it. A few minutes later, she went on to elaborate her stance further in another tweet.

She wrote, “A woman’s body belongs to her. Our bodies are sensitive and often women themselves are not given the mental freedom to understand how amazing and intricate our bodies are. No man has the right to force himself upon you. If you feel unheard, unseen, trapped & disrespected, find support.”

An active supporter of egalitarianism, Nadia Jamil also wished that Pakistan moves towards a more equal society, free of corruption and abuse of power.

In her heartfelt tweet, she wished, “May my land focus on the well-being of its people, prioritize children, stand against corruption/abuse of power, and stand for an egalitarian state where ALL Life is RESPECTED.” Proposing the idea of men and women supporting each other she added, “where men/women do not compete in strength but are each other’s strength, so we encourage happiness, peace, learning.”

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