The Trans Pride Tailor Shop: Creating more room for acceptance

The newly opened Trans Pride Tailor shop is the first trans-led business, up and running in the heart of Karachi

KARACHI: In Pakistan, the transgender society is perhaps one of the most marginalized groups. Looked down upon and discriminated against, transgenders would often resign themselves to the fate of either having to beg on the streets or end up as dancers. Beyond that, there was hardly any acceptance for them to be able to succeed. However, over the past few years, there seems to be a slowly building acceptance towards the trans-society and although limited, there have been breakthroughs in terms of jobs and success. In 2018, Marvia Malik became the first openly trans newsreader to be hired by Kohenoor News. Then in 2020, Nisha Rao became the first transgender law graduate in Pakistan and she didn’t stop there. Nisha Rao went on to found the Trans Pride Society, an NGO that aims to address all health, social and legal problems the trans society might face. Recently, however, the news of the opening of Trans Pride Tailor Shop has taken social media by storm.

With the help of the Trans Pride Society, another monumental win for the trans society was the opening of the Trans Pride Tailor Shop. Located in Saddar, the shop solely employs transgenders and is the first of its kind of ventures. The seamstresses are all members of the trans society who worked hard to break through societal constraints and earn a respectable income. Each of them has their stories of struggle to tell and are documented on the NGO’s Instagram page. The shop is up and running.

Trans Pride Tailor Shop is an entirely trans-led business located at UG Shop No 67, 70, Jinnah Complex Apartment & Shopping Mall, M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan. An initiative that could set examples for many, the Trans Pride Shop is definitely spearheading trans-acceptance in Karachi.

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