Usman Mukhtar requests people attending weddings to follow SOPs

The actor took to his Instagram to remind his followers of the dangers of COVID-19 and ask them to follow SOPs

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Desi weddings translate into at least a few hundred guests, numerous events, dance practices and lots of food. However, as COVID-19 dominated the world in 2020, wedding culture in Pakistan was deeply affected and altered. As Pakistan lives through the second wave of the virus, indoor weddings have been banned, guests lists have been brought down to a maximum of 300 people while buffets are no longer being served. However, winter is the peak season for weddings in Pakistan and thus, ceremonies are still being held. Actor Usman Mukhtar noticed how SOPs were being violated by many people during weddings and took to his Instagram to remind his followers of the dangers of the virus.

“Shadi!! Dance!! Food!!” Usman Mukhtar grabbed the attention of his followers on Instagram as he shared a picture of himself from what looks like a wedding. “I see your stories in shadi places dancing chipak ke with each other. Stop it. Please follow SOPs!! Care about yourself and if not yourself then the unsuspecting people around you who you’re going to give the virus to” he requested his followers. Ironically he wasn’t wearing a mask in the picture either but we get what he means.

Mukhtar also reminded people of how critical COVID-19 is and how it is literally a matter of life and death. Pakistan may no longer be in a strict lockdown but the virus is spreading fast once again. While it is everyone’s right to celebrate their weddings, birthdays or any other occasion, it is also important to be cautious and minimize social gatherings as much as possible.

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