16 Sabyasachi outfits that we want like right now

Join us in crying over the fact that we can't afford even a single one of them

KARACHI: Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the Indian fashion designer from Kolkata has overtime turned into a household name not only in India but also among the Pakistani elites. Given the number of extravagant weddings that have been happening, a lot of Pakistani brides also opt for his designs (because just wearing Pakistani designers isn’t cool enough anymore).

Below are our personal favourites from the magician.

1. This saree he designed for the stunning Kalki Koechlin. So classy and elegant with just the right amount of embellishment and glitter in the right places.

2. Nobody does pastels better than Sabyasachi. Here, this Sabyasachi bride sits looking breathtaking to say the least. She is giving us major Deewani Mastani feels.

3. Who knew kanjeevaram sarees could look SO good?

4. Experimenting with an off shade dupatta has sort of become the celebrated designer’s signature.

5. Basically all the outfits from the #Virukshka wedding. But our personal favourite is none other than…

6. Want this RIGHT NOW.

7. A more modern piece out of his more regal collection, and who better to carry it than our favourite Deepika Padukone? Doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous?

8. These printed off-whites paired with glitter blouses… Could we maybe have both?

9. More white…or is ivory the better term here?

10. Didn’t think a hot pink lehenga choli could look so classy. And look at those green bangles…

11. How pretty is this?

12. *checks price* *weeps uncontrollably*

13. Could I afford at least one of these if I sell my kidney?


15. This has been a painful process. The truth is, we want all the outfits on his Instagram. Brb. Going to rob a bank.

16. Doesn’t she make a beautiful bride?

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