5 times Kohli proved he’s madly in love with Anushka and life just isn’t fair

Future boyfriend/husband, take notes

KARACHI: It’s 2018 and we’re still not over #Virushka. Yep, says a lot about our lives but what can we do? They’re just so damn cute with their vacation photos and cheesy Instagram captions about each other. Can we just say they’re not making being single all that easy? While Virat is always publicly declaring his love for Anushka, we narrowed it down to the few instances where we wished all men were like Virat.

1. When he made this public declaration of his love and their marriage

This one has to be the winner.

“Today we have promised each other to be bound in love forever,” his caption reads.

*cue the tears*

2. When he doesn’t let the chance to compliment his wife go by

Does he Google “best captions to make her heart melt” before he posts a picture or what? Asking for a friend.

3. When he penned down this really short but right-in-the-feels birthday wish 

He’s setting the bar too high.

Happy B'day my love. The most positive and honest person I know. Love you ♥️

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4. When he posted this unflattering photo but made up for it with the caption 

A dose of compliments is just what the doctor ordered.

Such a stunner, Love of my life! ♥️😍 @anushkasharma

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5. When even just a day out has to end in “with my beauty”

Why Virat? Why you doing this to our hearts?

Day out with my beauty! 🤩♥️

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Bonus: we’ll just leave you with this picture just because…


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