Gucci aids Covid-19 vaccine distribution; donates $500,000 to UNICEF

The brand will also match funds raised in a recently-launched campaign, up to $100,000

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: In a bid to contribute to Covid-19 response efforts, luxury brand Gucci donated two million euros in March. The brand is now introducing a new wave of donation as the pandemic continues to impact lives. Gucci has announced recently to give $500,000 to UNICEF to support the global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, once it is approved. The brand also aims to match up to $100,000 of funds raised during its “21-day challenge”. It is an initiative running through December 26 that asks the Gucci clientele to contribute donations through the company’s online platform.

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With multiple vaccines now under review at the FDA, the focus now is on distributing the approved vaccine that will be a huge challenge and is even harder on a global scale. UNICEF is “working on the equitable global supply and distribution of a safe COVID-19 vaccine when available,” Michael J. Nyenhuis, UNICEF USA’s president and CEO, explained in a statement.

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“No one is truly free unless we are all free: this also includes being free from sickness,” Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s president and CEO, said in a statement. “Now that a COVID-19 vaccine appears to be ready for use, the true challenge is ensuring that it is procured and distributed fairly.” He added, “This is a global battle, a global effort, and the commitment also needs to be global.”


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Amidst luxury brands who contributed to coronavirus-related efforts, Gucci is not the only one. there were many others that manufactured face masks, like some in designers in Pakistan, while others donated large sums of money. Some of them may provide support in the distribution of vaccines too. Let’s wait and see.

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