Cher reportedly plans to visit Pakistan to bid farewell to Kaavan

Kaavan sets off to Cambodia soon, and Cher, who joined the movement that ultimately led to his freedom, might just be coming to Pakistan to say goodbye

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: According to Pakistani journalist Ayesha Tammy Haq, renowned American singer Cher will be visiting Pakistan at the end of this month. Cher had been highly involved in the movement that made sure Kaavan, also known as the world’s loneliest elephant, was rescued from Islamabad Zoo and sent to a sanctuary. Kaavan’s friends were already happy to know that he is finally going to a more nurturing habitat.

But their happiness has increased two folds after it was reported that Cher will reportedly be in Pakistan by the 27th of November to bid Kaavan a hearty farewell before that.

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“In other news @cher is coming to #Pakistan on the 27th to see #Kaavan, the loneliest elephant in the world and who she has rescued, off to his new home in #Cambodia where he will live in an elephant #sanctuary. A lovely end to a sad story”, tweeted Haq.

Cher had been extremely active on her social media, in raising awareness around the elephant’s plight.

Kaavan soon made friends with his caretaker, Dr. Amir.

The two celebrated Amir’s birthday a few days ago as well.

President Arif Alvi had also visited the elephant earlier and said his goodbyes. Kaavan spent 35 years of his life in the Marghzar Zoo in Islamabad.

While it is a happy occasion, it does get bittersweet when one acknowledges the poor treatment that was inflicted on Kaavan as a result of lack of care for animals, and a shortage of proper sanctuaries and nature parks in Pakistan. The incident has gotten global attention, thanks to Cher, and also brings attention to our lack of facilities and poorly kept zoos where animals are nothing but a piece of entertainment.

While many are excited for Cher to visit Pakistan, a lot of them pointed out how Kaavan isn’t the only one living in deplorable conditions. Cher might be in for a surprise when she sees the situation all the other animals have been dealing with as well.

The singer has yet to confirm the news of her visit to Pakistan, but with or without an in-person goodbye from Cher, Kaavan is still set to leave for Cambodia soon.

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