FIR filed against A Suitable Boy on Netflix

A kiss shared between a Hindu woman and a Muslim man in front of a temple has said to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: A Suitable Boy released on Netflix on October 23rd and received praises from the masses. However, a month later, an FIR has been filed against a particular scene in the show. A kiss shared between a Muslim man and a Hindu woman in front of a temple has said to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. The FIR filed by Gauruv Tiwari, a leader from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has named Monika Shergill, Vice President, Content and Ambika Khurana, Director, Public Policies at Netflix.

Over the weekend, another member of BJP took to Twitter to object over the scene in A Suitable Boy that is streaming on Netflix. “This has extremely objectionable content which hurts the sentiments of people of a particular religion,” said Narottam Mishra, who is also the minister of home affairs in Madhya Pradesh. “I have requested authorities to examine why, and with what intentions this program and this theme has been restarted on platforms.”

“On the basis of a complaint filed by Gaurav Tiwari, an FIR is being registered for malicious acts which insult the religious feelings and beliefs,” added Mishra while also demanding an apology from Netflix. The explanation behind the outrage seems to be based on the concept of  ‘love jihad’ where a Muslim man entices a Hindu woman into conversion.

While the streaming platform or the crew of the series is yet to react to the actions taken against them, #BoycottNetflix began to trend on Twitter over the weekend. However, a few viewers have also spoken in favour of the series.

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