Qarar goes on air; reinforces stereotypes surrounding marriage

The Sanam Jung-starrer is about a young, single woman who considers beauty an asset and prefers wealth while choosing life partner

By Buraq Shabbir

KARACHI: Sanam Jung-starrer Qarar went on air last night, replacing the recently concluded SabaatThe drama has a promising cast with Mikaal Zulfiqar, Muneeb Butt, Ali Safina and Rabab Hashim playing key roles alongside Sanam. However, as far as the story goes, it looks very cliche. A mother looking for a rich, handsome partner for her daughter (Sanam), who rejects almost everyone. She does nothing but wants to marry someone who upgrades her life. At least, the episode 1 of drama serial Qarar had nothing unique to offer.


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Sanam Jung as Maya plays the part of a materialistic, superficial young woman effortlessly. Rabab Hashim, as Fariha, Maya’s cousin who lives with them, is the exact opposite. She is polite, hard-working and values morals over money. Waseem Abbas plays Maya’s father but he does not support Maya and her mother’s stance on marriage. When Ammar, played by Muneeb Butt, sends a proposal for Maya, her father considers it while Maya thinks he is below average. Meanwhile, Maya has other options. Her university fellow, Salman Mir, played by Ali Safina who is trying to impress her too. We will also see Mikaal Zulfiqar opposite Sanam Jung in the coming episodes.

In addition to highlighting the importance of money in a marriage, Qarar also points out the idea of love-at-first-sight. After learning that Ammar wants to marry Maya just after seeing her once, Fariha wonders how can one marry someone without even knowing them. This is pretty much what we see happening around when marriages take place in real lives. TV is becoming a reflection of society and vice versa, without really making an attempt to break stereotypes.

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