Fashion Pakistan Week to return in December 2020

Chairperson of FPW Maheen Khan has imagined a fashion week that is more exclusive, socially responsible and focuses on smaller collections

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The socially distanced world of COVID-19 has introduced a trend of virtual events and ceremonies. With international events like NYFW and MTV VMAs taking the lead, local artists have also gathered the courage and resources to adjust to the new normal. Pakistan’s first socially distanced concert Comeback Karachi is set to take place this weekend while Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) 2020 is gearing up to return on 6th and 7th December. The fashion week was previously scheduled for April 2020.

Speaking with Images, designer and chairperson of the Fashion Pakistan Council, Maheen Khan shared, “The coronavirus is the best thing to have happened to the world, we have all had to rethink our lives and reboot.” Khan went on to elaborate how the revamped version of Fashion Pakistan Week 2020 was going to be more exclusive, and focus more on the clothes rather than accessories and theatrics.

“Everyone brings something new to the table and my vision for FPW is that it needs to be propelled by business rather than society. I am appalled by how people have flooded past fashion weeks. We don’t put out a play or a rock concert – it’s fashion and it has to be exclusive. The generic slew of socialites and guests that tend to take over the front row are pointless unless it’s a celebrity wearing a designer outfit, generating mileage for the designer,” explained Khan. “I have realized that greater focus needs to be placed on the attendance of media and bloggers; people who will watch the fashion week and publicize it, expanding our guest list from a hundred to a virtual 1,000.”

Hosting a limited number of in-house guests, the fashion week is said to be held in an open air private venue with spaced out seating. Khan also built on the idea of having little to no backstage setup or make up stations.

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“I can’t risk hair and makeup being done backstage,” she told Images. “The models are all going to go to the Depilex salon before fashion week and their looks will only get touched up by a single makeup station that will be set up backstage.”

“I have also put my foot down when it comes to accessorizing the models. We can’t risk jhoomars, teekas and dupatta settings backstage. If a celebrity showstopper is going to be on the catwalk, he or she can get come to the show completely ready, wearing the requisite accessories. I have told designers that if their clothes are beautiful, they will stand out all on their own, without being accentuated by jewelry.”

Maheen Khan has also encouraged designers to create smaller and more manageable collections. Some of the designers on board for the Fashion Pakistan Week 2020 are Maheen Karim, Sadaf Malaterre, Zainab Chottani, and Asim Jofa, with each designer collection featuring 10 outfits in a slot.

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