Khalid Ahmed wins Best Actor award in New York for Intezaar

Sakina Samo's debut feature, Intezaar (Waiting), screened at the Harlem International Film Festival in NY this month

By Buraq Shabbir

KARACHI: Industry veteran Sakina Samo recently ventured into films as a director. Her first feature, Intezaar (Waiting) was supposed to release in Pakistan in March this year. However, the release did not materialize due to the pandemic. Recently, we reported that the film will have its world premiere at the Harlem International Film Festival this month. And, here is some good news. Khalid Ahmed, who plays a key role in the film, has bagged the Best Actor award at the festival.

Sakina Samo took to social media to share the news. “What great news to wake up to,” she wrote on Facebook. “Khalid Ahmed sahb wins the Best Actor award at the Harlem International Film Festival in New York. Congratulations.” She shared a snippet from the festival’s site, highlighting the winner’s name. Sakina Samo’s Intezaar premiered at the same festival in New York.

In addition to Khalid Ahmed, the film stars Kaif Ghaznavi, Samina Ahmed, Raza Ali Abid and Adnan Jaffer. Bee Gul of Dar Si Jati Hai Sila fame wrote the script for the film. Azeem Mughul served as the co-produced alongside director Sakina Samo. The band Darvesh were behind the film’s music.

As the name suggests, Intezaar revolves around a family that is ‘waiting’. Amidst unfavourable circumstances, they try to live life and hope for things to get better. It is a sweet yet strong take on family life and blood relations, particularly, the relationship between parents and their grown-up children. The film’s trailer released earlier this year, hinting at some amazing performances. A heartfelt effort by Sakina Samo, the film will soon release in cinemas across Pakistan.

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We are eager to watch this and other local films in cinemas soon. With Nabeel Qureshi expected to release Quaid e Azam Zindabad later this year, we are hopeful the fate of cinema will be brighter in 2021.

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