10 of the most wholesome animal accounts on Instagram

Social media can sometimes be really toxic, but not when you follow these guys

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI: Living in a busy city, surrounded by smog, noise pollution and a sense of urgency can sometimes drive a person to the point of anxiety. We use our phones when we take a break from our packed schedules, and that in itself can be an overwhelming source of information that can make us feel more exhausted after our break. Here are some animal Instagram accounts that have helped us get through the day, reviving my spirit and revitalizing my mood.

Living Emoji Cat

Rexie, more commonly known as the Cat Emoji, is a “handi-cat”. He has functioning forelegs, but his hind legs are paralyzed. That does not stop him from being a whole mood.

Mr Pokee

Mr Pokee is an ever-smiling hedgehog who documents his adventures through his Instagram account. His spirit can help you keep going through the day!

Hosico Cat

Chubby and fluffy, Hosico Cat makes you want to have a cuddly cat of your own. Apart from being a pillow Hosico Cat is someone with extremely relatable moods.

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Happy Hosiday! 🏝

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Zuzu and Nala

Like their bio suggests, Zuzu and Nala share a sibling bond/rivalry that is true to many siblings. But the chunky pair is extremely adorable with their little fights and mood swings.


If this does not perfectly illustrate all of us during work hours, we don’t know what does. Eggen is a little white munchkin who, equipped with emojis in his Instagram posts, perfectly eradicates work related tiredness and brings a smile to your face.

Sally and Zhou Jia

Sally and Zhou are two sisters that enjoy wearing their little costumes and posing with cold coffee and beer cans.

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Mafia Animals

A cat crying while doing math? A pair of kittens clinking their glasses of beer? A dog held hostage by a cat? You name it, they got it!

Baby Puppies

This is literally all of us on a Monday morning dragging ourselves to the shower and coming out of it still exhausted and sleepy.

Miss Foxy

Miss Foxy is a little Pomeranian from St. Petersburg and is super attracted to positive vibes, being out in the sun and playing video games.


Ddalgi is a cute little poodle we all wanted to have as kids. She is small, she fits inside a bag and can be snuck in. Also, she loves taking selfies and is not afraid to try new things.

Wholesome animals like these are just waiting to be discovered, in order to make your day brighter. Take a break. Choose one of the animal Instagram accounts from our list and have a great day!

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