Asim Abbasi apologizes for plagiarism incident in Churails opening credits

The series was recently called out for plagiarism in its opening sequence

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Asim Abbasi recently released his first web series, ChurailsSoon after the 10-episode long series was launched, it picked up critical acclaim and praises. YouTube videos delved into the subject of how the series is leading people astray, mostly by people who had watched nothing beyond the opening sequence.

However, a Twitter user noted striking similarities between an illustration from the opening sequence and French Illustrator Malika Favre’s illustration. He blamed Churails to have ripped off the French artist’s work.

Asim Abbasi chose to remain silent on the issue for the first month of the tweet coming out. However, recently, on September 18, he tweeted recognizing the issue. He informed his fans about the corrective process he quickly put in place following the tweet that identified plagiarism in the opening sequence of Churails.

Not only did Asim Abbasi reveal that the team approached  Malika Favre to rectify their mistake with reference to Churails, but he also took the opportunity to clear the name of the animation studio in question, Studio Rokhan. “Due to an oversight, the animation studio was provided the said artwork and given authorization to use it.” he highlighted.

The Cake director also expressed the reason he chose to remain silent until the correction was completed. The issue now stands resolved, hence his recent statement.

“I strongly believe that the rights of all artists must be protected and upheld at all times and would like to personally apologize for this oversight.” he wrote.

Asim Abbasi has been open to all kinds of constructive criticism surrounding ChurailsWith his series firmly standing against misogyny, and setting examples of healthy non-toxic masculinity, Asim Abbasi is not far behind with his healthy approach towards accepting his mistakes and prioritizing respecting artists.

He maintains what he said in an earlier tweet following Churails‘ release i.e., his work is no longer his and belongs to the people who consumed it – the awaam and the critics.

“It took a lot to get this out to everyone, and now if it doesn’t spark constructive talk, it failed in its purpose.” He penned down on August 18th.

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