Karachi Rain: How can we help?

The worst might be over, but as Sindh declares a rain emergency, the metropolis needs to be brought back to life

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Karachi is sinking. Within the last few hours, it rained water, boulders and sparks around the metropolis. Roads and homes were flooded, power was lost, electric poles were beaten down and lives were lost as Karachi received more rainfall than it has in 90 years. A total of 340 mm of rain has been recorded at Faisal Base alone in the month of August.

As numerous parts of Karachi, Hyderabad and Thatta continue to suffer from the ongoing rain, we need to keep the province afloat. Here’s how:

Support local charities

Little could have helped us prepare for the storm that the skies had in store for Karachi, but now is the time to help our city and people. NGOs like Edhi Foundation have been out on the streets with literal boats to rescue people. The largest voluntary ambulance organization of the world, Edhi always has its workers on the front line of disaster management. Charitable organizations ChippaAl Khidmat and Alamgir Welfare Trust are also making significant contributions and donating to any or all of these could help your people.

Small contributions

The damage caused by landslides is not just horrific in the moment, but the aftermath is equally hard to deal with. If you are in a neighbourhood which experienced a similar incident, look after your neighbours. If you can, accommodate the displaced people inside. For workers trying to restore the streets and remove debris, arrange for food and water if possible. Even if you cannot physically help contribute towards the restoration, these small acts will have impacts of their own.

Support local hospitals

Yesterday’s rain was bad enough to flood hospitals like Aga Khan University Hospital. These healthcare institutes are vital to our city every single day and if they cannot stay functional, people will be in even more danger. Donate to Aga Khan and others in need so that hospitals can function smoothly and cater to the patients who need immediate help.

More than one tragedy

It is important to remember that Sindh is not only up against a storm, it is up against a pandemic simultaneously. While the number of active cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan has dropped, the virus is still here. With the rain making social distancing and SOPs impossible to practice for many, many people could possibly end up catching the virus. Donate towards local Covid-19 relief funds for someone somewhere around the country, could really use your help.



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