Beirut blast: How can we help?

A list of all the ways you can help those who have suffered the aftermath of the blast in Lebanon's capital

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: On 4th August, 2020, Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, was hit by a blast that injured thousands and killed many. The explosion also caused a lot of structural damage with many buildings collapsing and according to Beirut’s governor, the blast caused up to $5 billion worth of damage.

While the world mourns the catastrophe, multiple organizations have taken it upon themselves to help Beirut recover from the damage caused.

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Here is a list of all the ways you can contribute towards raising funds and awareness in a time of economic crisis for Lebanon.

1. Donate to Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross is the main provider of ambulance services in Lebanon. Since the organization provides its services for free, their funds are limited and are always looking for donations. Donations can be made through their mobile app or website.

Visit: Lebanese Red Cross

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2. Donate to Impact Lebanon

This social incubator is raising funds for a number of NGOs. The first $100,000 raised by them will also go towards Lebanese Red Cross.

To donate: Just Giving

3. Donate to Global Giving

The Beirut Port Explosion Relief Fund by Union of Relief and Development Associations has set a goal of $50,000 which they are raising through online donations.

To donate: Global Giving

4. Sign a petition

The catastrophe that hit Beirut has left many homeless and helpless and the least that we can do to help them is raise awareness about what has happened.

Sign a petition at:

More resources on how to help Lebanon can be found at:
Help Lebanon

Lebanon crisis

Lebanese Food Bank

UN Global Compact


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