Protesters worldwide have been spotted wearing the Joker mask and makeup

From Lebanon to Hong Kong, protesters are using the iconic Joker look for their political activism

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: A recent report by France24  has showcased the influence of the recently released film, The Joker on protesters worldwide. The film has been perceived as having some problematic instances showing extreme and violent behaviour. However, it also shows a dystopian reality of the government that has particularly resonated with protesters.

The report states that protesters have been painting their faces and wearing masks similar to the ones that protesters in the film wear in support of Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix in the Todd Phillips film. These real-life clown mask wearing protesters can be identified from countries such as Lebanon all the way to Hong Kong.

Even though the iconic Joker look has been around since the advent of the character and in other films featuring the character, it is the first time that the recent release of a film has linked the look with political activism and protests. This has perhaps inspired some protesters to compare the administration of their countries to the seemingly unjust one shown in the film.


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