Mawra Hocane thinks harassment on the streets is ‘Lahori fun’

In a recent interview with Nida Yasir, the actress said she doesn't mind being stared at and harassed on the street

KARACHI: A video clip of Mawra Hocane discarding harassment as “Lahori fun” has been circulating all over social media, and Twitter has invited her to reconsider her remarks and asked for an apology too.

On a show with Nida Yasir, Mawra was asked about being harassed on the street and Mawra responded that the culture of Lahore was such, where boys play music loudly and stare at girls. She said she doesn’t mind and that boys can “keep looking at us”.

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In a country where nearly every other woman has been a victim of harassment, people seemed angered by celebrities romanticizing it further by treating it as something that is casual and “fun”.

As privilege prevents a small fraction of the society from understanding the struggles of others, one can always educate themselves on the sensitivities of the matter. Celebrities with massive followings and circles ought to realize the repercussions and outcomes of their statements. Maybe Mawra Hocane doesn’t mind or feel threatened but other women often do feel unsafe when confronted with the behaviour that Mawra is calling ‘Lahori fun’.

Pakistani twitterati is now highlighting just why such an outlook towards harassment is problematic.


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