Sadaf Kanwal talks about the hate she got after getting married to Shahroz Subzwari

This is the first time Sadaf has spoken about her relationship with Shahroz

KARACHI: In an interview with Independent Urdu, Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Subzwari spoke about life after marriage, their upcoming TV serial and item numbers. This is the first time Sadaf has spoken about her marriage to Shahroz and how she reacted to all the hate she got post marriage.

For the interview, the couple were sitting on the set of their upcoming play, Na Ghar Ka Na Ghaat Ka, in which the duo play a married couple and are joined by Javed Sheikh.

Among other things, Sadaf was questioned about her item number performance in Na Maloom Afraad 2. “It was a piece of art and a performance, I own it, I love it,” she said, before also revealing that now that she’s married, she won’t be doing any item numbers from now on.

Sadaf also spoke about the hate she received after news broke of her marriage with Shahroz. “Does it look from my face or from the way that I’m appearing in front of you that I care?” At this, Shahroz jumps in and says “Sadaf is a very mentally strong girl.”

Sadaf also added that it isn’t a big deal and she isn’t the first celebrity to be trolled online. “It’s really no big deal, it’s happened with so many other celebrities before.”

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