5 movies that make us cry uncontrollably each time

From Bol to Guide, we have the essential tear-jerkers covered

Sometimes crying can be very therapeutic and if you’re in need of a good cry, look no further. We’ve made a list of movies that will break even the coldest of hearts

1. Bol

Set in Lahore, the film revolves around a family whose patriarch is an extremely religious and orthodox man who refuses to accept his son, who shows signs of being a trans person. The film is narrated by the eldest daughter of the family, and also talks about patriarchy and reproductivity, and poses the question: why bring a new life into being if you cannot take responsibility for it? The cast brings a haunting and heartbreaking performance, making Bol an essential watch.

2. Kal Ho Na Ho 

Not going to lie Aman was a little annoying with his little white lies and that “pretty woman” scene, but that dialogue at the end got to us. We suddenly found ourselves crying for Aman while rooting for Rohit; this movie was an emotional rollercoaster. 


3. Veer-Zaara

A story about cross-border forbidden love? Sign us up. A Muslim girl from Lahore meets falls in love with a Hindu Indian pilot, who goes on to sacrifice his freedom to protect her as qaidi number 786. It’s a story about selflessness, sacrifice, and transcoding borders (literal and metaphorical). Brb, we’re crying while singing Tere liye hum hain jiye 

4. Guide 

Based on the book of the name by R K Narayan, this classic stars Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman. The gold revolves around RajU, whole acts as a “guide” to Rosie, an unhappily married woman who dreams of being a dancer. She leaves her cheating husband and becomes a successful dancer with the help of Raju, who becomes corrupted by fame and success. What got our attention though is the soundtrack. Even listening to the songs without any context may cause your eyes to well up. The entire soundtrack is stellar. Here are some recommendations:  



5. Marley and Me 

If you didn’t cry at this epic story of a man and his best friend, we don’t even know what to say. The movie is full of cute and endearing moments as well, which are a build up to the ending and we are still not okay.


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