LUMS faces backlash for ‘increasing tuition fees by 41%’

The decision comes at a time when people are already struggling to make ends meet

KARACHI: Last month, the Sindh government instructed private schools to reduce fees for the months of April and May, to provide relief to parents who were struggling to make ends meet due to the current pandemic. In contrast, the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has allegedly announced a 41% fee hike, a move that has been met with a lot of outrage.

The university has announced a 13% increase which “is now calculated on a per credit hour basis”, adding up to a 40% fee hike per semester. In a statement, the university clarified that the move had been decided prior to the lockdown due to the pandemic and claimed that “one of the reasons for the shift is to discourage students from taking course overloads as that negatively impacts their learning.”

Current students, alumni and even some faculty have taken to Twitter to express their anger and frustration at the news.

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