We are LIVING for Hasnain Lehri’s tweets

The model was being trolled for his tweets but we are here for them!

KARACHI: First things, first, here is Hasnain Lehri in all his glory.

Not too long ago, Hasnain Lehri memes were trending on Twitter for no apparent reason but that’s how the Internet works so we aren’t surprised. (According to the Pakistani Twitterverse, apparently he was trolled because he had been tweeting some heartbreak related tweets).

While the memes were funny, they all redirected us towards Hasnain Lehri’s Twitter account and we discovered a treasure trove of wit, sarcasm and some wisdom.

It’s 2020. We are also advocating for healthy relationships

Also, its refreshing to know that Hasnain Lehri is also looking for cuddles much like we are

And then the sudden bouts of wisdom are also refreshing.

And finally, he tries to make us feel better about the current lockdown situation.


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