30 and thriving: these women show us how it’s done

Remind us why society was telling us to be scared of turning 30?

By Manal Faheem Khan

KARACHI: Thirty is still considered a ‘taboo’ age for many women: you are expected to be married, have children, have a career ALL by the time you’re 30 because apparently, you start going downhill from that point on. For many women, that’s not the case. And we’re here to remind you that society’s description of what 30s should be like for women is inaccurate.

Technically, your life should be whatever you want it to be, at whatever age. You can go back to school at 40 and find your partner at 60.

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Cutacut spoke to some women who are rocking their thirties and here’s what they’ve had to say:

Meesha Shafi, singer

“I wish somebody had told me that life does get better and more wholesome with time if we understand the difference between growing and ageing. And the fact that both are beautiful, positive aspects of life. I don’t pay attention to numbers much, be it age, time, calories, weight or even views/followers etc. This seems to have worked quite well for me in life. My thirties have been rewarding fulfilling in many ways, especially creatively and emotionally. And remember, there’s a reason we don’t have eyes at the back of our head. Look onward and move forward. Flow. I love that the word flow rhymes with grow.”

Ayesha Omar, actor

“Every time you enter a new decade in your life, it’s probably better than the old one. Your thirties are your prime of your life. Most people are done with their educational degrees, and they’ve entered the professional arena. By your thirties, you’ve had a few relationships, heartbreaks, made friends, been through some struggles. You’ve made lot’s of mistakes by this time and you hopefully learn from them.

My thirties have been the time of my life where I’ve had more insight into myself, as a person because this is the time you start looking in instead of looking out. Whatever problems you have, this is the time you start recognising them and facing them. Thirties can be scary for some people because they’re like ‘oh we’ve kind of reached the time where our youth is almost over and it’s all downhill from here. But that’s not true. Post 35 for me has been the best time of my life.”

Maleeha Jawaid, dermatologist

“Find a core group of friends who will not betray you and will always stick by your side, and leave all your bad decisions and regrets in your twenties. Enter you thirties with a clean slate as wrong decisions can’t be undone and they can’t dictate your entire life. Also, find a partner who is willing to grow with you. Don’t rush into marriage and settle for an idiot. And if you’re married and don’t have kids at 30, it’s not the end of the world.

P.s: Don’t bleach your hair. Ever.”

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Happiest in my happy place or really just used to it?; @joiesalonkarachi 💕 • • I’m a creature of habit ✨ 〰️I will keep on repeatedly doing the same thing only because it’s convenient. 〰️ . . 🔸I will stick through friendships and relationship no matter how exhausting and damaging they are for me because they’re convenient. 🔸 🔹I put my sanity at the back seat because it’s a hassle doing anything about it. 🔹 ▪️I keep going to the same salon because it’s convenient. ▪️ 🔺I keep ordering the same pasta from foodpanda because I can’t decide on anything new and the list goes on and on.🔺 • • Point is, don’t do this to yourself. Be open to change. Don’t build a wall around you. Take a risk 🙌🏼 What’s the worst that can happen? You can fail but you will get back up again – trust your instincts and see the world change for you ✨ • • Sending lots of warm hugs and kisses to everyone and anyone who is in need of them right now and praying that everything you are going through flies past you without even touching you. Amen 🙏🏼 ~ Super candid shot by @werdah_khan 💕 . . . . . . #inyourfacebymaleeha #maleehajawaid #malloj #randomthoughts #wisdom #begoodtoyourself #selfcare #life #lifelessons #lifecoach #notmakeuprelated #notamakeuppost #selfhelp #helpyourselffirst #helpyourself #soulsearching #mood #moodygrams #moods #happy #happyhour #peace #karachibloggers #pakistan

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Manahyl, style consultant

“In my twenties, I felt like you could convince me about how I felt, despite what I felt. In my thirties, I let out a little roar if you mess with me. I’ve found a voice, so to speak. The advice I would like to give to my 20-year old self would be: learn to filter out opinions that come your way, especially those that are negative about your dreams and choices.”

Sana Munir, author

“Marrying for love in my early twenties had me juggling manically between my duties as a parent and the need to write fiction and freelancing, for a decade. However, the year I turned 33, life was introduced to me, anew. My first novel was published, to be followed by the second book, Unfettered Wings in 2018.

During my thirties, I have felt more self-assured as a person and a constructive member of society. My choice to write is not as simple as playing with words – I believe in building narratives, which I feel could not have been done in my twenties because of lesser life experiences, lesser reading and lesser exposure. Before a voice is put out there, it must be honed with the echoes of a hundred others. I am still in the process of equipping myself with the requisites of voicing out what I deem necessary, but it began once I turned 30 and started writing my first novel.”



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