These are the Netflix movies and TV shows everyone’s watching in Pakistan right now

We're not surprised by the choices tbh

Just a couple of weeks ago we did a story on how Fifty Shades Freed was trending at #1 on Netflix in Pakistan. And it maintained its position for quite some time – that is until Karan Johar’s classics were added to the streaming platform and till the latest season of everyone’s current obsession Money Heist was released.

Here’s a quick look at everyone’s favourites these days. Do they match your watch-list?

10. Sniper 

This movie came out in 2017 so we have no idea why it’s trending but here’s hoping it’s because it’s a well made and interesting movie and not because of bloodlust. Yikes

9. She

A Netflix orignial, She is about a straight-edged cop who goes on a dangerous undercover mission as a call girl.

8. Kal Ho Na Ho

Of course this is in the top 10. This hilarious tear jerker movie sends us on an emotional rollercoaster each time. Worth it though.

7. Friends 

A CLASSIC. We’ve already watched all 10 seasons about 500 times. AND IT’S STILL FUNNY! Here are some of the funniest moments :

6. Elite

Spanish cinema/TV is really taking over, huh? This is another great production and quite popular bu the looks of it.

5. Ungli

This movie might not be a household name (especially with that name) but it seems to be quite popular in our part of the world. Plus it stars Emran Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut. Sign us up

4. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

It’s been almost two decades and we’re still not over this masterpiece. And who can blame us? K3G gave us the iconic POO, arguably the greatest Bollywood character. If you haven’t watched it, log on to Betflix and watch it now. And “tell me how it waaaaas?”

3. Money Heist: The Phenomenon

Of course just the season isn’t enough for die hard fans (read: all of Pakistan). The documentary behind the popularity of the show is trending at #3, before K3G. Now that’s pretty impressive.

2. Resurrection: Ertugrul

This looks like a Turkish Game of Thrones meets Robin Hood and we are intrigued.

1. Money Heist

No one should be surprised at the #1 this week. That’s all everyone is talking about. We won’t give any spoilers but seriously, it’s just been: “Professor this, Tokyo that”.

Here’s the trailer for season 4:

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