Ali Sethi is winning the Internet with his Iive Instagram videos

He takes down trolls, sings with Shilpa Rao and Farida Khanum and gives us his best 'Shazia's dottuh' impression - and the list goes on

KARACHI: There are a few celebrities who are making sure that the Internet is as wholesome as it can be at a time where billions of people around the world have nothing but the Internet to seek comfort from. Ali Sethi is one of them.

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The versatile singer has already been a favourite because of his soulful voice and a barrage of hits like Ishq, Chan Kithan and Chandni Raat but now we’re falling in love with his Instagram videos.

For those who don’t know, Ali Sethi has been routinely posting live Instagram videos and with every video, he leaves us something to talk about.

We first noticed his shout out to Swinery and his mimicry of some of her characters, like ‘Shazia’s dottuh’, the koala and the alien.

He went viral online for responding to a social media troll who called Sethi ‘kanjar‘. Sethi took the troll down and went into an explanation of the words kanjar and mirasi, highlighting their origin and usage over the years.

However, some of the most heartfelt videos on his Instagram account have to be the cross-border friendship ones. One day, Ali Sethi went live with Shilpa Rao and got her to sing Paar Chanaa De and Ghungroo. He then got Vishal and Rekha Bhardwaj on a video call with the legendary Farida Khanum, who sang Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo.

He even video-called his sister, Mira Sethi, and the two quoted Arundati Roy’s work among other things.

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