Fayyaz Chohan should be sacked, again

Punjab information minister has a history of making insensitive comments and this time he called special needs children a 'punishment'

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The list of problematic men in powerful positions seems to keep growing. Well technically, Fayyaz Chohan has been on this list for quite some time.

And he’s back in the limelight for doing something he literally did just last year and even got sacked as Punjab’s information and culture minister for it. Can’t say we’re surprised.

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But we are angry. In a recent press conference, the reappointed minister made derogatory comments about children with special needs, saying they were a punishment from God for the sins of their parents.

Naturally, Twitter has exploded:

Human Rights minister Shireen Mazar also gave her response:

After the backlash, Chohan took to Twitter to offer an apology for his comments.

Last year, Chohan was under immense criticism for his remarks at a press conference in which he referred to the Hindu community as “cow urine-drinking people” and “idol worshipers.”

In August 2018, he used indecent words against film and stage actors at a public address. In the address, he called on for the removal of vulgar and indecent film signboards inside and outside cinema halls. Referring to pictures of “half-naked” women outside cinemas he had said that for this`purpose’ people should go and watch porn.

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