Our favourite sights from Aurat March in Karachi

From bad ass women to feminist dads, there was a lot to be proud of at the Women's Day rally this year

KARACHI: While reports and videos coming in from Lahore and Islamabad show that the marches did not go as peacefully as they should have, Aurat March Karachi edition did not face any major hiccups. There were police officers all around Frere Hall, where protesters assembled, and men were not allowed inside unless they had two women accompanying them or vouching for them. A mob had shown up and they were chanting anti-Aurat March slogans, but they were held back by the police and were not successful in disrupting the march in any way.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the march:

1. Aurat March in Karachi is getting bigger every year. Over a thousand people showed up.

2. Men made a human wall to shield Aurat March protestors from a violent mob (that can be seen in the back with their posters).

3. Proud dads raise proud feminists

4. Diversity – there were a wide range of topics and issues that were brought to the march, from LBTQ rights to the Balochistan University harassment case.

5. “This is the stuff that doesn’t make noise, the stuff that people don’t get angry about,” said protestors Raana Kazmi and Ali Haider.

*all photos by Manal Faheem Khan and Hira Shah



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