Pakistani women, in numbers

Documenting the lives of women in Pakistan on Women's Day

KARACHI: With the #MeToo movement mushrooming in the world, some ripples also made it to Pakistan. Though it didn’t push (yet) the conversations as it did elsewhere, it did shed light on the state of affairs for women in Pakistan. On Women’s Day this year, we take a look at demographics of Pakistani women.

The data comes from World Bank’s Gender Portal Data and UN Women Pakistan:


is the overall population of women in Pakistan


of women are part of labor force

14.4 %

of women are employed in industries in Pakistan


of women are wage and salaried workers


is the number of seats for women in Parliament out of a total of 342


is the female mortality rate


of women (age 15+) are living with HIV in Pakistan


of women are employed in senior and middle management positions


of women in Pakistan are married before the age of 18


of women experience intimate partner or domestic violence in their lifetime

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