Here’s what all women at Aurat March want

Read the official charter of demands Aurat March has put forward

KARACHI: If you’re pissed about Aurat March posters and how they’re taking away from the ‘real cause’, then this story is for you. The truth is, the entire movement is well thought out and planned, and it covers a variety of legitimate issues faced by women from all socio-economic backgrounds. But somehow all the work that Aurat March organisers are doing to educate people somehow is going unnoticed and overshadowed.

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So, we’re compiling the official charter of demands put forth by the Aurat March organisers on their Instagram account. It ranges from laws on reproductive rights to access to public space for women. Read on and educate yourselves:

1. End sexual harassment and violence – in schools and homes, at work places and from state institutions

“We demand for the implementation of the Domestic Violence(Prevention and Protection) Act 2013, the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2018, and the decriminalization of defamation and repeal of Section 499 and 500 of the Pakistan Penal Code.”

2. A just economic system – free from exploitation and discrimination

“We demand for the reversal of recent unprecedented price hike of food items (25%)and medicines (500%), for the Sindh Government to review its decision to allow unpaid labour under the Sindh Tenancy Act 2013, a living wage and social security for the elderly and those with disabilities.”

3. Ensure reproductive rights

“We demand the government provide free health care and reproductive health services to prevent, diagnose and treat STIs and unintended pregnancies, integrate sexual reproductive health into healthcare training, and that maternity benefits be granted across rural and urban areas as per the Sindh Maternity Benefits Act, 2018.”

4. Environmental Justice

“We demand the usage of renewable energy sources, the protection, and conservation of the environment, the prevention, and control of pollution, and the promotion of sustainable development as per the Climate Change Act, 2017 and the Environmental Protection Act, 1997, as well as the effective provisions for displaced persons after any disaster as per the Climate Change Policy (2014-2030)”

5. Right to City

“We demand access to electricity, gas, clean water, healthcare, education and safe transport for all persons, and the resettlement of the persons displaced by the inhumane city-wide Anti-Encroachment Drive.”

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