Aurat March releases powerful anti-rape anthem

‘And the rapist is you’ has been inspired by a song performed by Chilean protesters that went viral across the globe

By Cutacut Editorial Team

Aurat March has released a powerful video about rape culture and victim shaming, inspired by an anti-rape anthem by Chilean protesters which went viral last year.

Videos of the song in Chile – and its accompanying dance moves – quickly went viral, spreading across Latin America and the world.

In the video released by Aurat March organisers, protestors chant slogans adapted in Urdu in a similar beat and with similar dance moves. The lyrics go as follows:

“Patriarchy is a judge

And our existence made a crime!

Our punishment is the violence you don’t see

It’s femicide

Impunity for our killers

Hear you, it’s rape!

Not “female honor”

And its not my fault

Not where I was, nor what I wore

Not my class, nor religion, nor my labour

And the rapist is you

And the killer is you

This police

This system

The law

The politicians

The feudals

This state

The clerics

And guardians of religion

And the rapist is you

And the killer is you

The state is repressive,

The state is oppressive

Oppression is unacceptable

We are ready to fight

Power dynamics will overturn

Women will be free!”



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