Shahroz Subzwari addresses the rumours around his separation from Syra Shahroz

In a video, he also requested people to keep Sadaf Kanwal out of his marital problems

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Rumours have been circulating for the past couple of days regarding Syra Shahroz and Shahroz Subzwari’s marriage ending but we had heard nothing from the horse’s mouth, till today, when Shahroz Subzwari decided to upload a video on Instagram to put all rumours to rest.

The couple, that has been married for the last seven years, is now separated. “Everywhere it says ‘the news has been confirmed that they are not together, they have ended their marriage’, but who said this? Did I say this, or did Syra say it?” he asks in the video.

He also asks why Sadaf Kanwal is being blamed for their marriage ending. “Did you all confirm with me or with Syra if all this is happening because of a woman, or another man?”

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He sets the record straight: Apparently, 6 months ago, Syra and Shahroz realized that their ideologies weren’t matching and it was creating a negative energy in their household, so they decided to give each other some space. “Right now, Syra is my wife. I don’t want people to say anything about her, and I don’t want anyone saying anything about Sadaf either.”

Speaking about Sadaf Kanwal, Shahroz says that he met her one month ago for his work. The work that he’s talking about is a performance that took place in Oslo, Norway for the International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA), where Shahroz and Sadaf performed on stage together. He criticizes the way people have linked them together just because they were dancing on stage together.

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Shahroz Subzwari further demands an apology from all the publications writing “crap about Sadaf” and asks the matter to be put at rest now.


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