Muslims on Twitter are getting anxious about Netflix’s new show ‘Messiah’

The word 'dajjal' has been trending worldwide

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: On Tuesday, Netflix posted a trailer of the show titled Messiah that they said is going to premier on the 1st of January. The 10-episode thriller stars Michelle Monaghan (known for her roles in film Maid of Honor and Mission Impossible 3) starring as Eva Geller, a CIA officer investigating a mysterious “miracle man” who’s developed a cult-like following across the globe.

In the trailer, the long-haired man who plays the role of the Messiah, behaves like a ‘false prophet’ and causes havoc throughout the world. Investigator Eva Geller is seen to say “He’s come out of nowhere and we don’t know who he is,” in the short 2-minute teaser of the show. The trailer ends with the question ‘Will he (con)vert you?’ which has led to many users online to develop anxiety as the character playing the Messiah seems to have an uncanny resemblance with someone they have been warned about in the Holy Quran- Dajjal.

According to the Muslim belief, Dajjal is an evil persona that will appear before the Day Of Judgement (last day of Earth) as a false prophet, trying to convert mankind to follow his way and doom their fate in the afterlife to hell. Dajjal is comparable to the appearance of the ‘anti-Christ’ in Christianity that suggests a similar personality trying to replace the true messenger and act as a false prophet. In Islam, Dajjal is said to bring with him wars and a time where evil triumphs as common practice, which is why users on Twitter have been worrying themselves over the Netflix show as a sign of his coming.

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