Indian filmmaker says victims should offer condoms to their rapists to avoid being murdered

He also said "when sexual desires are fulfilled, men won't kill women."

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: A self-proclaimed filmmaker Daniel Shravan has had Twitter’s blood boiling after posting a series of messages to his social media account. He basically posted about a rape-without-violence scheme that in his head seems to be the answer for rape victims to avoid being harmed or killed after the rape. The filmmaker was giving his two cents after the case of Priyanka Reddy came forward.

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According to Shravan, if rape victims participate in the rape by providing their rapist with a condom then the chances of them being met with a murderous aftermath will be lowered. But wait, it doesn’t end there; he continued to suggest that rape isn’t a serious thing: “Rape is not a serious thing, but murder is inexcusable,” before totally losing the plot and suggesting to legalize “rape without violence” for the safety of victims.

News 18 reported his suggestions and some of these include educating girls above 18 on rape i.e. to teach them not to refuse the sexual advances of men. “‘Nirbhaya Act’ can’t control violent rape so women take their own protection in their own hands and carry condoms to give to the rapist,” was another one of them and last but not the least, he compared rape to murder and said that murder is wrong but rape is a minor thing that can be corrected.

The filmmaker said a lot more things and he is only being slammed for them on Twitter.




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