Lawyer says Meesha Shafi’s witness did not ‘go against her’

Nighat Dad sets the record straight, calls out publication for twisting witness statements

By Maha Ali

Digital rights activist Nighat Dad, who is also Meesha Shafi’s lawyer, has clarified that the singer’s manager did not “turn his back” on her as reported by a daily publication.

An update of the Shafi-Ali Zafar case was reported by some sections of the media, claiming that Shafi’s only witness, her manager Farhan Ali, was “going against her”.

The manager recorded his statement before a court in the defamation case filed by Zafar against the singer, who has accused him of sexual harassment.

The report that surfaced online on Wednesday stated that Farhan had not seen any sexual harassment take place in front of him. In addition, Daily Times claimed that another manager Rizwan Raees (who managed both Zafar and Shafi) claimed that Shafi blackmailed Zafar not to take up the Pepsi contract or she would “level allegation of sexual harassment against him.”

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However, Dad said she believes the DT report to be false reporting and an attempt made by the publication to twist the narrative in favour of Zafar. She shared several tweets including the actual statement that Farhan made in court and explained how he didn’t see any sexual harassment because he was focusing on his instrument rather than insinuating that no harassment had taken place.

Geo reported that in Farhan’s statement to the court, he admitted that Shafi told him that Zafar made her uncomfortable and “was not a good person”, and expressed that she hated him. Moreover, Shafi had also said that she would not want to take up any future work that would involve him.

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The report further shows that Shafi was aware that she would not have any financial gain and knew that she would  in-turn be facing more losses than benefits by coming out publicly with the allegations against Zafar. Farhan stated, “She sends her tax returns through me, and they have decreased,” and added that he told her “people would abuse her and she would lose her work too.”




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