Meesha Shafi offers support to Jami

The singer is one of the few celebrities to have publicly lent support to the filmmaker following his tweets

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Since Jami has come forward with his #MeToo story, there has been a very strong reaction online. First, his detailed tweets became the headline on every leading news website, only to be removed/amended a few hours later. Cutacut reached out to one of these news organizations to get a statement as to why the story was taken down but did not receive an official comment on the matter.

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There has also been a lack of public support from the media industry, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that Jami has revealed his aggressor to be a “very powerful person in the media world”.

However, Meesha Shafi has taken to Twitter to express her solidarity with Jami. The singer, who last year claimed that singer Ali Zafar allegedly sexually harassed her, has been championing the #MeToo movement in Pakistan and fighting her own legal battles with Zafar at the same time.

It would be unfair to say that Shafi is the only celebrity to have publicly supported Jami, but she is one of the few. Actress Armeena Rana Khan also took to Twitter, calling Jami a “brave man.”

While Mahira Khan didn’t directly name anyone in her tweet, she did take the opportunity to highlight the injustice of using the #MeToo movement falsely, or of not providing accountability to someone who does come forward with their story.


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