5 underrated shows on Netflix you need to watch right now

Quit watching the same show over and over again

By Iman Aman

Deciding on what to watch on Netflix is often a struggle, especially if you’re watching in a group and nobody seems to agree on one thing. It usually ends up with another rerun of Friends.

However, Netflix has a treasure full of great movies and TV shows, and you’re really doing a disservice to yourself by watching one show on repeat.

Here is a list of shows that deserve way more attention than they currently have:


1. Sense8

This is by far my favourite show on Netflix. The series is created by the Wachowskis, creators of Matrix and Babylon 5, and revolves around eight individuals who are telepathically connected with each other.

This official description, however, does not do the show justice. Firstly, from the streets of Nairobi to the alleys of San Francisco through the smoggy Mexico City and the snowy mountains of Iceland, it’s a visual masterpiece. It’s also intellectually stimulating, focusing on topics such as LGBT rights, feminism, racial differences and the inadequacy of capitalism.

2. Black Mirror

The concept of the show is very unique. Every episode has a different story. The creators take something as simple as a reality TV show or as complex as the effects of social media on our lives and show how it would evolve in the future.

The resulting mix of black comedy and sci-fi drama is brilliant television and ranks amongst the few original concepts in the industry.

3. Altered Carbon

In Altered Carbon universe, society has been transformed by new technologies where you can digitise and transfer into any other body and death is no longer permanent.

Not just that, you can even get as many versions made of yourself as you want – depending on how rich you are, though.

But the show is not just about science-fiction and technology, it tells the story of the last surviving soldier of an elite warrior group, who tried to fight the new system but got defeated.


4. Big Mouth

This edgy comedy revolves around a group of teenagers going through the horrors as well as wonders of puberty. It is gross yet heartening, and reminds you of your own experiences, but not in a bad way. The show creators are real life pals Andrew Goldberg and Nick Kroll.

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5. The Umbrella Academy

This show is about seven adopted siblings with superpowers. They are reunited after a long time at the passing of their father, and from there, a mystery starts to unravel. A story about apocalypse and time travel and super powers, all so beautifully knit together. The cast includes Ellen Page, Tom Hopper and a number of other great actors. But my favourite part is the playlist of the show; the creators took every good song ever and somehow managed to put them in the show without making it annoying.

The show starts with violin solo of Phantom of the Opera and a montage of all the siblings and their lives. That alone earned my attention.

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