Twitter reacts to France’s legal hypocrisy because of Cardi B’s outfit

With Cardi B's recent Fashion Week outfit, all attention is on the law against niqab in 15 European countries

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Cardi B took to her Instagram on Monday to show off her Richard Quinn outfit for Paris Fashion Week. The rapper seemed to be very confident and happy sporting the designer piece which covered her face entirely to the point of her saying, “Make sure a car don’t hit me ’cause I can’t see.”

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PARIS FASHION WEEK, IM HERE ! Designer: @richardquinn .

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Users on social media immediately noted the problematic hypocrisy of France’s legal system that is one of the 15 countries that has legally banned the Islamic attire of the niqab, that covers the face. Women who are seen wearing the niqab would have to pay a fine of up to €150 by this law. Twitter has since then called the law out, as accepting it as a fashion statement when a celebrity does but banning it when a Muslim does it is not okay.


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