Pakistani documentary Armed With Faith wins an Emmy

Asad Faruqi and Geeta Ganbhir's film was about a bomb disposal unit in KPK

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Asad Faruqi and Geeta Ganbhir’s film Armed With Faith has gotten the recognition it deserves. At this year’s Emmy, the film won an award for Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary.

The film bravely followed a group of fearless men who made up the bomb disposal unit in KPK, Pakistan. As suicide bombings are common near the border of KPK, these fearless men would often be right in the line of fire, sometimes working with their bare hands and very basic equipment in order to diffuse bombs, putting their lives at risk.

Pak Twitterati has congratulated the team. It is worth noting that Asad Faruqi isn’t new to international awards. He was also the cinematographer for Sharmeen Obaid’s Oscar-winning documentary, A Girl in the River, a film about honour killings in Pakistan.

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