If ‘Friends’ was made in Pakistan

On the show's 25th anniversary, we're hoping for a local remake

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: If you haven’t been feeling too old lately, let us remind you that the show Friends came out 25 years ago. Yep. Today, the iconic show celebrates its 25th birthday. What’s amazing is that Friends is still just as popular as it was back then.


But if we were to watch Friends now, we’d like to see the show in today’s day and age, with problems like inflation and climate change affecting the characters. And more specifically, we’d like to see the show based in Pakistan.

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So went through the trouble of imagining a local version of the show and here is who we think should play the main characters. If any TV director is reading this, hit us up.

JOEY: Sheheryar Munawar

The actor is the perfect combination of being a lady’s man yet also being lovable. He comes across as a little naive but we know it’s because he has a heart of gold.

RACHEL: Sohai Abro

Sohai Abro would play the perfect Rachel. She’s sensitive, fashionable and dainty. We’ve also seen her cry multiple times, which would be a major requirement for someone playing Rachel.

CHANDLER: Osman Khalid Butt

Because Osman Khalid Butt is hands down the funniest man we know. And his humour is very dark and sarcastic, much like Chandler’s.

PHOEBE: Hania Amir

Hania Amir is unapologetically herself. She can be politically incorrect sometimes, but Hania is never pretending to be someone else. Plus she’s so funny and her laugh is pretty contagious, just like Phoebe’s.

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It’s a beautiful morning✨

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ROSS: Adnan Malik 

Adnan Malik is super woke, super smart and super good-looking (Don’t come at us, Ross was super good-looking in our opinion!). Whether standing up against child abuse or being the ambassador for Amnesty International South Asia, Adnan is always well spoken and knowledgeable.

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It was heartening to see my fraternity come out for such an essential-yet criminally under-discussed & inappropriately taboo- conference on child abuse. These are the places where we need our voices heard and where so much collective pain can gather and seek catharsis. Most of the people I know, have in one way or the other been a victim of some kind of child (sexual) abuse, but most of us choose to suppress it, because of shame and/or fear. Most of us chose to bury the trauma because we weren’t equipped with the tools to handle it at a young age, and feared that we would be shamed or ridiculed or even blamed for it. I believe that it’s this suppression of trauma that leads to so many emotional, mental and physical ailments that we develop as adults. It can lead to self-loathing, low self-esteem and mistrust in relationships at the very least, and suicide, murder and rape at the very worst. Remember it’s “hurt-people who hurt people” As barrister @hkniazi said “I realised that sex education isn’t about teaching kids how to have sex, it’s about teaching them how to protect themselves.” There are rampant cases of child abuse all around us. It’s in our neighbourhoods and in our houses. It’s in our schools and in our seminaries. It’s in the car workshops and the corner chai ka Dhaaba. Yet we choose to be oblivious about it because we don’t want to talk to our children about sexuality, boundaries & arousal. We must change the culture around child abuse and sex education. We must empower our children to be able to distinguish between what is a right touch and what is a wrong touch. Child abuse has ruined so many adult lives, broken their wills and their self-esteem. We don’t want our children growing up like this. So please, talk about it, be responsible about it and help save future lives. Sexuality is a normal biological process that each one of us experiences. Thank you @catwalk_cares and @friehaaltaf for organising this. Thank you @sarwatg @officialshehzadroy @sheheryarmunawar @khanahsanofficial @iamshaniera @zhalay @angelinemalikofficial @parishehjamesofficial for showing up for this. We are all #ambassadorsagainstchildabuse #stopchildabuse @aahungngo

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MONICA: Mansha Pasha 

If someone has to play Monica, it’s got to be Mansha Pasha. She gets the job done, is opinionated and never afraid of a fight. You know you can’t push Monic- we mean Mansha around.

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Born to be wild 🐆 📸@mirzaomer @taggedpakistan

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